Ref: TH4547 Town House Price / Precio: 139.000 €
Location / Localidad: Malaga - Monda
Big townhouse with huge garden in Monda, 2 terraces with panoramic views to the ...
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Beds / Dormitorios: 3 Built / Construido: 206 m2 Views / Vistas: Spectacular
Baths / Baño: 2 Plot / Parcela: 175 m2 Location / Ubicación: Town Centre
Flag As it is usual in the tradition in many other rural properties and small Andalusian towns, one does not wait for the box of surprises that this property houses, contemplating the facade before entering through the threshold. This threshold is somewhat elevated with respect to the street, where you can park easily, and we go to the lounge that makes the hall, the coolest room in summer and really very spacious. After a few steps and we will see in the background the kitchen, on the left a patio to which we will return and on the right the stairs that connect us with 3 rooms, the main one, with balconies to the street, an intermediate one and a third one with an ensuite bathroom and a door with stairs to the two terraces, one facing the street and the castle, and the other facing the garden. Between the two terraces there is a spacious laundry room. Let's go back to the patio, where some stairs will take us to the orchard and the corral, a very wide "private world" provided with a corral, a stable and spectacular views of the Al Mundat fortress, the town of Monda and the surrounding mountains.